What We Do

What We Do

Fully Managed IT Support Services

Fully Managed IT Support Services

– involves us taking responsibility for your organisation’s IT infrastructure including.

  • Remotely monitoring your infrastructure 24/7 for potential problems.
  • Proactively maintaining your systems, spotting issues before they occur, keeping your network (and your team) working efficiently.
  • Keeping all of your systems up-to-date, automatically installing updates and patches where necessary and at a time to suit you.
  • Responding quickly and efficiently to any problems that do arise, be that by phone, email or in person at your premises, working with and around your team rather than against them.
  • Providing straightforward, expert, and strategic advice as to how you can get the most of your IT, both now and in the future.


We monitor and maintain your software/hardware after it has been installed in order to keep your systems up to date and secure.


Cloud Hosted Services

We can completely change the way your business operates with our cloud technology. Cloud computing is one of the biggest trends in the industry for various reasons. Not only does it help you be more efficiently and effectively manage and monitor your business, but it can add flexibility and reduce the on-site resources required for various tasks. With our cloud technology in place, you will be able to better access systems from remote destinations, reduce expensive hardware requirements, and significantly lower the support costs associated with managing your systems.


Because your business is reliant on computers to store and manage sensitive data, you need total confidence in the right security measures. With our Firewall servers in place, you will be able to better protect your company’s data with our internal safeguards. You will also be able to better secure your network with our encrypted services and even protect your network from being attacked.


Virus and Ransomware Removal and Protection

We will protect your business from viruses and ransomware using the latest software and training your organisation on how to prevent attacks.

IT Support Plans – Managed Support

We become your IT department, providing a level of support and expertise that exceeds most in-house IT managers. We handle everything, keeping your systems running smoothly and cutting potential issues off at the pass.

Complementary or co-managed Support– We work with your in-house IT department, providing additional resource and expertise on demand. This type of support can be provided on an ad-hoc (perhaps as part of a specific project) or ongoing basis, our team working in partnership or under the direction of yours as required.

Remote only– A dedicated remote engineer working on your network managing cyber security, monitoring your network from a remote location, and helping with the reliability of your IT system.


Data Recovery and Backup Plans

We create a bespoke backup solution plan which not only backs up your data but regularly checks your data is recoverable. All back-ups are securely encrypted. We can also provide secure off-site storage for your backups within one of our data centres.

Network Planning Services

We will ensure that you have the best package in place to ensure that your network is designed to be able to increase your businesses capacity to meet your long-term goals and strategy, whilst minimising unnecessary spends.


Business Continuity & Disaster Recovery

Help prevent a catastrophic failure– Regardless of its size or type, every organisation is at risk from a variety of external and internal factors. Flooding thanks to a burst pipe, fire due to an electrical fault or arson, a cyber-attack, vandalism, or theft… any one of these could shut your business down in a flash. Using the very latest hardware and software technology, we monitor and proactively protect your business, its data, and its customers.

Safeguard your business should the worst happen– There are so many outside influences that can impact upon your business, it’s impossible to protect against them all. We work with you to develop a business continuity and disaster recovery plan that will get you back up and running, often without even knowing there was an issue.

Website and Domain Hosting

Why not make life as easy as possible for yourself by using one supplier for everything? We can host your website on our servers which means we would store and manage all your website’s files as well as hosting your domain name on one of our hosting plans.


3CX Partner

As a registered partner for 3CX, we install and manage 3CX based VOIP systems for many clients in Gibraltar and work alongside local Telecom providers to integrate with local numbers. We also supply all required hardware through our IT shop https://www.transparent-gib.com to build a phone system to suit any business.

At Transparent-Gib, we specialise in providing IT, Audio Visual, networking, and cloud solutions to businesses and the public sector in Gibraltar. We work closely with Transparent Communications Ltd, which has been operating in the UK since 2002 — bringing a wealth of experience and expertise to the table as well as access to over 75,000 products. Contact sales@transparent-gib.com

Transparent Comms (GIB) is owned by RJK IT SERVICES LIMITED